About Jusur Organization

In March 2011, The Syrians  began a peaceful protest to fight for their freedom, their dignity and against the totalitarian regime in their country. This non-violent protest, however, was answered with the use of weapons and brutality on the part of Assad regime. So peaceful resistance turned into an armed struggle, which evolved to become a civil war. This cost according to official figures, more than nine thousand lives and more than five million Syrians are currently on the run.

As usual, the children specially are who are affected most in this conflict.

Therefore, Syrian and German activists have joined forces together and established Jusur organization in 2012.  Jusur was founded to support the victims of the conflict and to encourage the democratic change in Syria. Jusur organiyation starts its operations with relief supplies to the refugee areas. In December 2012, Jusur has founded a school for Syrian refugee children in the Turkish border town of Hacipasa.

Other projects in which particular Syrian children and young people should receive support, are in the planning stage, because the organization is committed to their education. Jusur is an independent NGO with initiatives which serve the development of a civil and  democratic society in Syria.

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